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The Caribbean Coffee House was originally started as OK Coffee in Trinidad in 1931 by the Melizans, coffee plantation owners, and by José Perez a Cuban coffee connoisseur and roast master. In those days Peres's favourite expression being "OK". Thus began the tradition of The Caribbean Coffee House.

Discovery and Café Trinité

In searching for a name for their delicious collection of flavored coffees, The Caribbean Coffee House reflected on the colourful historical background of the Caribbean and its European influences. After sipping a few good cups of coffee inspiration struck - Café Trinité!

Caribbean Coffee House Trinite Creole MaisonCafé [kaf-ay], of course, is French for coffee. France is perhaps one of the foremost coffee loving nations in the world coining terms that have become internationally known like café au lait (coffee with cream) and café noir (coffee without cream).

Trinité [trinit-ay] is French for Trinity. When Christóbal Colon (known to the English-speaking world as Christopher Columbus) sailed from Spain with his three ships in the hope of discovering a fabled continent, he vowed to name the first land he discovered after the Blessed Trinity - the three persons in One God, according to the Roman Catholic faith.

On 31 July 1498 land was sighted. In the distance three peaks stood out in a range of hills. Was it coincidence or fate? The island was christened La Trinidad - Spanish for Trinity. It is from these same hills that the beans are harvested to produce the Café Trinité flavored coffee collection.

OK Coffee Dermott LouisonArt and Café Trinité

Enjoying fine coffee is often synonymous with enjoying fine art. The Caribbean Coffee House is no exception. They own an extensive collection of Dermot Louison's work which they have reproduced on their Café Trinité packaging giving the product an extra special touch of class and Caribbean flavor.

Artist Dermot Louison was born in 1933, in Trinidad where he grew up. The images of life in those days, particularly the floklore characters and old customs have been the source and inspiration of his work. His ability to capture the spirit of life in the islands makes him one of the Caribbean's prominent painters.

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